We formed Lundin PLLC to allow us to focus on high quality, high impact litigation with a focus on structured finance and complex commercial disputes and the representation of securities fraud whistleblowers.

Much has been written in recent decades about the importance of effective dispute resolution. And of course, wasteful or inefficient litigation is an economic drain and a distraction from your business. But like everything else in your business, you should approach the question of when and how to litigate based on the particular facts and circumstances you face.

Sometimes, a claim that can be asserted in a lawsuit is a valuable asset. If you have a meritorious claim that you only can monetize through litigation, we are here to advise and assist you in turning that claim into a business opportunity.

When you are a defendant in a complex commercial lawsuit, you need someone to help you resolve the dispute in a way that minimizes costs but that recognizes your rights and tells your story. An expensive scorched earth defense followed by the inevitable surrender is a better financial proposition for law firms than it is for clients. If you want someone to vigorously but efficiently and effectively fight for you, that’s us.